Main Design Services;

Unmanned Surveillance Ship

One of the original defense industry projects, Tork Dizayn has one of the surface design works in the observation ship project.

Antenna Heatsink and Protective Cage Design and Manufacturing

It is a project including sheet design and manufacturing by using on-site measurement method made by the main contractor company. At the same time, the design of the heatsink fin also belongs to our company.

Electronic Data Communication Center

It is a product that we design and manufacture appropriate cards and electronic devices determined by working in coordination with the team of Electrical Electronics experts. Our harness design is also applied on this product.

3 Axis Gripper

Carrying capacity is determined by making dynamic load calculations on the product we design and manufacture using the mechanism.

Design and Manufacturing of Special Chassis Design carriage

While carrying the trolley in accordance with the requests of the main contractor company, first the carrier profile was determined and the chassis design and manufacturing were made. Coating and painting works suitable for military conditions were also made and delivered.

Refrigerant Distribution Valve Block

This project, which we do for the main contractor defense industry companies, includes precision measurement, design, production and assembly works in the field.

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